Sunday, December 3, 2006

Let's Fight the Good Fight

Conservatives have been in "defend" mode for decades; unfortunately, as Napoleon said, "The logical conclusion to any defensive war is defeat." As the common saying goes, "the best defense is a good offense." We’re talking about ideologies though, not military machines. We know what we have to do (defeat Islam and liberal Marxists) to protect our culture.

Our ideology must take what the Pope said very, very seriously. He described the basis of Western civilization very succinctly: the synthesis of Greek philosophy and Judeo-Christian religion/Spirituality.

We have to look at not only deflating Islam economically (versus defeating it militarily) but developing the system to counter the liberals' attack on our culture (Tactics for Culture War Victory: Attack or Defend?). We're fighting a two-front war right now with equally fatal enemies. The only difference is the speed of their attack.

The critical path requires simultaneous action:

Action A, developing and propagating the alternative form of fuel and engines to run on that fuel (Answer to Islam). It will then take 10-15 years to neuter Islam. If necessary we need to focus our entire attention on developing that fuel. In other words, a Manhattan-style project of engaging the entire U.S. government, academia and business community for a giant research and development project. This is the opportunity to develop a renewable and clean, or much cleaner, source of energy that can be used long-term (hundreds or thousands of years). The economic benefits are obvious.

Action B, developing the liberal defeat system. This system has two goals: education and action. Americans must be educated about the liberal Marxist threat. They must also be provided with tools to not only defend our culture but actively promote it.

Active promotion involves two elements: walking the talk and fight the good fight.

“Walking the talk” is living active Christian lives, not just going to church on Sunday. The obvious medium for this is the Internet. We need a “MySpace” for Christians that unites the Christian community worldwide to “combat” the forces arrayed against it by uniting and rallying Christians to defend the Judeo-Christian values that built our modern-day society in general and the United States in particular.

In addition, by providing practical resources the site will give Christians step-by-step instructions or guidelines on how to actively live their lives as practicing Christians unafraid of the opinions of those opposed. Being part of the largest community in America will provide Christians the confidence, self-esteem and courage to speak up for their values and way of life.

The site must be database driven so it can also be used as a tool to create and manage grass roots groups who will actively engage to . . .

“Fight the good fight,” to actively give battle to the liberal Marxists. Fighting them at every battle they give and giving new battle back where they aren’t focused (including previous liberal gains). In other words, not only defending our culture but going on the offense.
Once this critical mass has been achieved we will have won the current war: fighting them on all fronts forces their ideology into the spotlight. Once exposed it will wither and die. Granted it will take time, but good always defeats evil. Good just has to get off it’s collective kiester, get organized and get engaged.

I'm calling for action on both fronts: alternative fuel development and the Christian cultural defense system. I'm soliciting both talent and resources. Someone has to start the ball rolling. Your support, in whatever form, is requested.

My answer to Islam

The power to marginalize Islam is in our own hands: develop an alternative form of fuel for all modes of transportation, especially one we can grow, harvest, or produce ourselves that, oh by the way, is environmentally friendly.

You see, all Islamic countries are in the same economic world we are. Sure—they now have warehouses of cash to fund insane genocidal psychopaths like Osama bin Laden and drill hate into the minds of poor seven-year-olds in Madrasas.

But when a barrel of oil drops 90-plus percent in price their warehouses will empty PDQ. Then they will have to answer to their populations. They’ll have hard choices to make.

For example, do they continue to fund the animals killing in Allah’s name or do they address domestic issues to keep their constituents from revolting from the chaos? The bottom line is the supporters of the lawless murderers will be forced to focus on self-preservation instead of forced worldwide conquest.

Offense vs Defense
How can alternative fuels solve the Islam ideology problem? Let’s ask a strategic question.

Do we continue to play offense (play the “world’s sheriff”) or defense (develop alternative fuels to eliminate dependence on OPEC countries for oil while drastically improving the environment [now and in the future through drastically reduced or eliminated emissions] and standard of living worldwide [cheap energy] without using military power)? The military is the wrong weapon to fight an ideology offensively. We need to reserve our military for defense. Economics is where we play offense.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:

--We keep the focus and center of violence somewhere else, preferably overseas. The DoD never wants to play a “home” game. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen dying overseas means Americans continue to live in a socially and economically stable U. S.
--It’s an active posture to address someone else’s issues before they become our issues.

--Fosters resentment and feelings of being manipulated or controlled by the U. S.
--Extremely expensive, adding to U. S. debt and weakening our economic position worldwide.
--More lives lost in battle.

--Millions of Muslims reside in the United States. How many are sleeper agents? According to recent reports there may be as many as 2,000 sleepers in Britain (that MI5 is aware of), which has a Muslim population of 2 million. That’s .1 percent. If you assume the same percentage of radical Muslims are present in the United States, and use the average of 6.7 million being quoted by the media, we have 6,700 sleepers currently in the United States. That’s a lot of folks who can do a lot of damage quickly to our infrastructure, economy, utilities and food supply.

--Drastically improves environment through greatly reduced emissions.
--Eliminates dependence on OPEC.
--Greatly reduces funding of terrorists.
--Greatly retards conquest ability of Islam.
--Creates cheap energy, which will drive upward every country’s economy, eventually significantly increasing the standard of living of 3rd and 2nd world countries.
--By increasing the standard of living you reduce or eliminate the poverty and despair Islam feeds on to spread and grow Useful Idiots.
--Creates a massive economic opportunity for U. S. companies to develop and build a new generation of power plants for cars, planes, trains and boats.
--Doesn’t cost the life of a single U .S. serviceman or woman.
--Allows a significant percentage of energy dollars to be spent in other sections of the economy.

I believe my approach would be acceptable to all three political parties (Dems, GOP & Indie Coalition). It would be accepted by business, including the oil industry, after they accept their obsolescence and adapt and invest in the new fuel-producing technology. The alternative fuel developed would most likely involve less processing, would be safer and far more environmentally friendly.

It would be accepted worldwide, except by OPEC, but that’s OK: they’re brainwashing, funding and arming the enemy.

It’s time
The U. S. Government needs to launch a Manhattan-style project to search for alternatives; analyze each holistically (environmental impact, technically, economically, etc.); research and develop technology of fuel production and building new power plants; implement the new technology; and finally spread the selected solution worldwide. Why? What will happen?

I’mmadinthehead (Iranian president) knows it’s the last real opportunity for Muslims to conquer the world.

Our societies are already millenia ahead of them as a result of their governing philosophy (complete lack of religious and intellectual honesty and freedom has stunted Islam in the 7th century while trying to cope with living in the 21st century). If they don’t conquer us before we take their power base away (oil money) they’re done, especially if we significantly increase the standard of living in the Muslim’s breeding grounds and their own countries. The world won’t need any OPEC country. Radical Muslims will still kill or destroy here and there, but they won’t threaten the West en toto again. More importantly, the threat will be negated.

But now is the time to act because to take what I consider the proper course of action will require 10-15 years to fully implement. Fortunately for the liberals in the audience no fighting of any kind, other than economic warfare (which every business worldwide is engaged in daily whether they realize it or not) is required or desired. Of course self-defense is by definition exempted.

Everything (read our entire civilization) now hangs in the balance. Even they realize it. I’mmadinthehead has been quoted numerous times in the last year saying it’s time for Islam to rule the world and Iran is the country that will be at the reins. Why now?

How can you not look at that statement and their obvious nuclear weapons development (What does the country with the fourth largest proven oil reserves in the world need with nuclear energy? Why spend billions or trillions when you only need to spend millions to develop more electrical capacity? Why develop power plants that require fuel from other countries—that don’t like you and will make getting that fuel very difficult —when you’ve got all you need under your own feet?) and not KNOW they’re developing nuclear weapons?